How does it work? Are you fucking stupid?!
If you want to send us some traffic, send it to As soon as you send us traffic, you will automatically be listed with the "Top Moms" at the top of the left-hand column on the main site and all the gallery and video pages.

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Any site that sends enough traffic to make the "Top Moms" list as well as any site with a hardlink to on their site can submit links to my linkdump here at WTFMOM. I will approve them as long as your site isn't a clusterfuck of popup ads and trojans.

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I'm up for those! If you want to trade permanent links with, add a link pointing to with the title Moms Fucked, Mom Porn or something to that extent on your site and let me know you've done so via e-mail at I will then add your link.

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You can trade traffic with the following sites as well. Submit your porn video pages and other content pages there as well!

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